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PA -  Karen Fantin


PB -  Beth Moller 


PC -  Leslee Collins

Welcome to Prep 2019 - Term 2

We Learn, We Show Respect, We Are Safe!

We hope your family has had a lovely Easter break! We are anticipating lots of fun and many learning opportunities for your child throughout Term 2.

This term is an 10 week term.  A few notes to remember for this time of the year:
  • Lunch is important please keep it simple by including fresh fruit and vegetables daily.  Please keep packaged food to a minimum.
  • Wait at the covered area until the 8.30am bell.
  • We have a ‘no hat, no shoe, no play’ policy because we are a Sun Smart school.
This term you will be receiving your child’s first report card!  These will be sent home via email in the last week of this term.
Home work will continue to be sent home—please be diligent with this program as we strive to reach their highest potential. Please also continue to practise sight words every night.
Our Science focus this term is  investigating the properties, types and uses of materials.  We need you to start collecting materials suitable to create a wind ornament the children need to design and create for assessment purposes. Later in the term we will be asking for parental help constructing these during class time.

Every day counts in Prep

Going to Prep every day …
  • will make sure your child gets the most out of their important first year of school
  • improves your child’s reading, writing and maths
  • builds a positive approach to learning
  • strengthens your child’s independence and confidence.

Why is regular attendance at school important?


Regular school attendance will mean that your child has a better chance in life. Your child will achieve better when they go to school all day, every school day.

  • they will learn better
  • they make friends
  • they are happier
  • they have a brighter future.

Parent Helpers

We are always seeking parent helpers for small group work, reading with children, changing class readers and a variety of other activities.  Please speak to your classroom teacher if you are available.

Dates to Remember

​25 April ​ANZAC day Holiday
​1 - 3 May ​P&C Mother's Day Stall
​6 May ​Labour Day Holiday
​7 May ​Junior Athletics
​10 May ​Mother's Day afternoon tea in prep rooms
​20 May ​School Performance - Brilliant at Resilience
​22 May ​Simultaneous Story Time  11am
​3 - 7 June ​Book Fair
​21 June ​Disco
​25 June ​School Photos
​26 June ​Reports emailed to parents
​28 June ​Under 8's fun day


Term 2 Curriculum

In this unit, students listen to, view and interpret a range of multimodal texts, including poetry and rhymes, to develop an understanding of sound and letter knowledge and a range of language features. Students identify common visual   patterns.

They engage in multiple opportunities to learn about language, literature and literacy within the five contexts of learning - focused teaching and learning, play, real-life   situations, investigations, routines and transitions.

Students will to demonstrate comprehension of, and connection to, a familiar story through retelling events.

Number and Place Value

  • Establish understanding of the language and processes of counting by naming numbers in sequences, initially to and from 20, moving from any starting point
  • Connect number names, numerals and quantities, including zero, initially up to 10 and then beyond Subitise small collections of objects
  • Compare, order and make correspondences between collections, initially to 20, and explain reasoning


Patterns and Algebra
Sort and classify familiar objects and explain the basis for these classifications

Measurement and Geometry

  • Compare and order the duration of events using the everyday language of time
  • Describe position and movement
  • Use direct and indirect comparisons to decide which is longer, heavier or holds more, and explain reasoning in everyday language
  • Sort, describe and name familiar two-dimensional shapes and three-dimensional objects in the environment


Science — Our Material world
Students will use their senses to observe that objects are made of materials that have observable properties.

SKILLS: Respond to questions about familiar objects and events.

Explore and make observations by using the senses.

Engage in discussions about observations and use methods such as drawing to represent ideas.

Share observations and ideas.

History and Social and Social  Science                              

Families and Celebrations.

In this unit, students

  • recognise who the people are in their family.
  • understand that people in families are related to each other or have particular names
  • understand that the people families may have been born and raised in other countries
  • identify similarities and differences between families
  • pose questions and relate a story about your past
  • recognise what different family structures and family groups have in common. 
    at is My Place Like? 


Prep B Weekly Timetable




Homework sent home

​HASS ​Science ​Whole School Parade

​Library Visit

Homework folders to be returned to school


Teacher / Parent Contact


There will be times when you need to speak to your classroom teacher.  We would appreciate if you could consider the following things:

  • Mornings are busy and not the best time to be discussing sensitive issues.
  • Please either email or speak to the teacher requesting a mutually convenient time.
  • Teaching instruction commences promptly at 9.00am so conversations are not appropriate at this time.
  • We offer Parent/Teacher interviews in Weeks 5/6 of Terms 1 and 3.  This is a time to discuss learning progress and future goals.  You may meet at other times as requested.
  • At the conclusion of Terms 2 and 4 a formal report will be sent to you.

Our email addresses are:


PA    -


PB    -


PC    -

End of School Day

It is important that you are prompt collecting your child from the classroom at 3.00pm.  Prep children become very agitated if they are left waiting around at the end of the day.
Often the teacher has meetings to attend and needs to leave the classroom as quickly as possible.  If the teacher needs to go to a meeting and if you are late, your child will be delivered to the office where you will be able to collect them.
If for some reason there is an issue with pick-up time please communicate this to the teacher or the school office staff. 

School Parade


Each week there is a School Parade.  Each week one student from each class will receive a ‘Student of the Week’ certificate.  Every effort will be made to ensure parents of these children are aware when their child receives the certificate, and it would be great if you could find the time to attend the parade and celebrate in your child’s achievement.

If you move or change your contact details please ensure you update this information at the office.  It is extremely important that in an emergency we are able to contact you or a nominated person.