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Year 3



3A - Louise Lawrence

3B - Mandy Ashe

3C -Jacqueline Fuchs


Welcome back to school for Term 2. We hope your child is keen and ready for some more great learning experiences in Term 2.

Attendance is important.  Everyday your child is absent is a day they miss learning opportunities. On days that your child is absent, please supply a written note explaining the absence or call the school advising of absences.  A special thank you to those parents who ensure their child is at school every day and those who make sure they advise the school of any absences.

This term will see Year 3 continuing the learning unit on narratives and then working on oral presentations of procedures in English. HASS continues to focus on the celebrations and commemorations. In Science we will explore the relationship between Earth and the sun. Maths will include number, shape, mapping, patterns, fractions, angles and money. This term will see first semester reports issued so students need to be available to complete assessments tasks.

We would appreciate any donations of boxes of tissues for use in the classroom.  As we head into flu season, there is a growing need for tissues for runny noses.

We look forward to another positive learning journey with your child this term. Please do not hesitate to contact your child’s teacher if you have any concerns relating to your child’s learning needs.

Dates to Remember

​1 - 3 May ​2 ​Mother's Day Stall (Wed - Fri)
​6 May ​3 ​Labour Day Public Holiday
​7 May ​3 ​Junior Athletics P - 3
​9 - 10 May ​3 ​Senior Athletics 4 - 6
​13 - 17 May ​4 ​NAPLAN Online
​20 - 24 May ​5

​NAPLAN Online

3 Cheers for Chappie

​20 May ​5 ​School Performance Tour - Brilliant at Resilience
​21 May ​5 ​P & C Meeting (all welcome)
​22 May ​5 ​National Simultaneous Story Time
​25 May ​5 ​P & C Car Boot Sale
​30 May ​6 ​District Athletics
​3 - 7 June ​7 ​Book Fair (all week)
​5 June ​7 ​P & C Bingo
​17 June ​9 ​Peninsula Track and Field
​18 June ​9 ​P & C Meeting (all welcome)
​21 June ​9 ​School Disco - movie character
​22 June ​9 ​P & C Car Boot sale
​25 June ​10 ​School Photos
​26 June ​10

​School Photos

Report Cards emailed out

​28 June ​10

​Under 8's Day 9am to 11am

Free Dress Day (in blue)


Dates Due for Assessments:

​English unit 2 ​Write a narrative with a friendship theme ​Week 3
​Maths ​Adding, subtracting and partitioning numbers ​Week 4
​HASS ​4 part assessment booklet ​Week 5
​Digital Technology ​2 part assessment including Excel ​Week 6
​Maths ​Investigating positions on maps ​Week 7
​English unit 3 ​Oral presentation of a procedure based on Charlotte's Web ​Week 8
​Science ​Assessment booklet​ ​Week 10
Please remember that completion of all assessments will occur at school. Students are not to take any assessments home to work on. If you think your child will not be available to complete any assessments, please have a discussion with your child’s teacher.  

Teacher / Parent Contact

Please do not hesitate to speak to the teacher if you have any concerns, however we would appreciate if you could consider a few things.
If you need to speak to the teacher, please ensure you are at school on time and ready as soon as the door opens.  Coming in at 8.50 or 9.00 and expecting the teacher to have a meeting is not possible.
The best way to make appointments is to briefly see the teacher to confirm a time, email the teacher or ring the school.
Often the teacher is testing students or listening to them read before school, so we would appreciate your consideration if these things are occurring.
If for some reason you are late to school and arrive after the 9.00am bell, please do not expect to have a conversation with the teacher, because learning has commenced and the teacher will not stop to talk. 
Our email addresses are:
3A Louise Lawrence  –
3B  Mandy Ashe   -
3C  Jacqueline Fuchs - .
If your child is ill, please keep them at home. If you child is absent please either phone the absence line, send your child back to school with a written note or email the teacher.
Students should not be at school before 8:00am. If they do arrive before 8:00am they are required to sit on the pathway outside the administration/staffroom building until the 8am bell when they can go to the junior covered area.
If you move or change your contact details please ensure you update this information at the office.  It is extremely important that in an emergency we are able to contact you or a nominated person.