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Year 4




4A - Kerrie Jago

4B - Nick Clarke

4C - Timena Rhodes

4/5D - Karen Hollingsworth

Year 4's and 4/5D's.

Recharged! Refreshed! Ready for Learning



Welcome back to school for Term 2.


Welcome back to school for Term 2. We hope you have had an enjoyable, relaxing time with your family and your child is keen and ready for some more great learning experiences in Term 2.
Term 1 saw the establishment of great learning routines and we have begun to work towards achieving some of the identified learning goals for this year.  We look forward to the challenge and opportunity of working with this group of students again this term.
Year Four teachers appreciate your continued support at home in terms of assisting and ensuring homework is completed and returned each week. The results of your efforts are evident when the children are using the words they are revising with you in their reading and writing, they are confident with their maths concepts and they are achieving success in their end of week test results.
To maintain our busy learning schedule, we would encourage you to make sure your child has sufficient sleep, eats a healthy breakfast and brings a nutritious packed lunch to keep his or her energy and concentration levels motoring all day. 
Our school day starts at 9.00am. It would be great to see students here by 8:45am in order to hand in any tuckshop orders, make sure they have been to the toilet and had a drink, ready for school to start. It is extremely important that students be at school prior to the bell going so they can prepare themselves for the day’s learning.  We begin our learning as soon as the bell goes, and a late arrival not only interrupts the learning of the child who is late, but is also disruptive to the rest of the class.  It is understandable that once or twice in a term there may be things that occur beyond our control however, having students arriving after 9am on a regular basis is unacceptable. 
Attendance is important.  Everyday your child is absent is a day they miss learning opportunities and begin to fall behind the rest of the class. This then makes it difficult for children to catch up.  Some students regularly have absent days and this is unacceptable.  On days that your child is absent, please supply a written note explaining the absence or call the school advising of absences.  A special thank you to those parents who ensure their child is at school every day and those who make sure they advise the school of any absences.
This term will see Year 4 learning units on Poetry, Traditional Stories, Advertising (persuasive texts) for English and Life Cycles for Science.  Maths will include number, fractions, angles, location, direction and distance on simple maps.  HASS continues to focus on the colonisation of Australia including identity, sense of belonging as well as rules and laws that govern a community.
As you can see, it is destined to be a very busy term and daily attendance is of utmost importance. This term will see first semester reports issued so students need to be available to complete assessments tasks.
We would appreciate any donations of boxes of tissues for use in the classroom.  As we head into flu season, there is a growing need for tissues for runny noses.

We look forward to another positive learning journey with your child this term. Please do not hesitate to contact your child’s teacher if you have any concerns relating to your child’s learning needs.

Dates due for Assessment

​Subject ​Assessment ​Approx. Due Date



Interpret and evaluate a humorous poem for its characteristic features. ​Week 3


Traditional Stories

Create and present a traditional story with a moral for a younger audience​ ​Week 7



​Identify and interpret the persuasive language features and visual elements of a product’s packaging ​Week 10
​Maths 2 unit assessments

​Week 7

​Science Mapping Life Cycles and Relationships ​Week 7
​HASS ​3 Part Assessment Booklet ​Week 6
​Visual Arts

​3D artwork using objects to communicate meaning

​Week 7

Please remember that completion of all assessments will occur at school. Students are not to take any assessments home to work on. If you think your child will not be available to complete any assessments, please have a discussion with your child’s teacher.

Dates to Remember

​Date ​Week ​Event
​25 April 1 ANZAC Day
​26 April 1 ​District Cross Country
1 - 3 May 2 ​Mother's Day Stall (Wed - Fri)
6 May ​3 ​Labour Day Public Holiday
7 May 3 ​Junior Athletics P-2
9 - 10 May 3 ​Senior Athletics
13 - 17 May ​4 ​NAPLAN Online
​20 - 24 May ​5

​NAPLAN Online

3 Cheers for Chappie

​20 May ​5 ​School Performance Tour - Brilliant at Resilience
​21 May ​5 ​P & C Meeting (all welcome)
​22 May ​5 ​National Simultaneous Story Time
​25 May ​5 ​P & C Car Boot Sale
30 May ​6 ​District Athletics
3 - 7 June ​7 Book Fair (all week)
5 June ​7 P & C Bingo
13 June ​8 Reader's Cup RSC
​15 June ​8 Spelling Bee finals
17 June ​9 Peninsula Track and Field
​18 June ​9 ​P & C Meeting (all welcome)
​21 June ​9 ​School Disco - movie character
​22 June ​9 ​P & C Car Boot Sale
​25 June ​10 ​School Photos
​26 June ​10

​School Photos

Report Cards emailed out

​28 June ​10

​Under 8's Day 9am to 11am

Free Dress day (in blue)


If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact your child’s teacher to discuss your concerns.  We look forward to meeting you in the near future.

Contact details

4A -  Kerrie Jago
4B -  Nick Clarke
4C -  Timena Rhodes
4/5D -  Karen Hollingsworth