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Year 6




6A - Greg Wagenmakers

6B - Brittany Scotney

6C - Tegan Rooke

On behalf of Isabella State School, the teachers of Year 6, welcome you to Term 4, 2019. Yet again, we have a very busy term planned.


Research supports that EVERY DAY COUNTS! Every time your child is not at school, he/she is missing valuable learning that he/she needs to be able to complete future tasks.  It is expected that work that is missed at school may need to be sent home to be completed.  Please be aware that Monday is often the day that new work is introduced.  If your child misses a Monday he /she is likely to have difficulty keeping up for the rest of the week.  On Fridays, we consolidate and revise much of the work that is taught over the week.  If your child misses a Friday session, he/she will miss out on the opportunity to fill in any gaps in learning.

We ask that your child is at school NO LATER than 8:45am.  Students who arrive late without a note will be expected to complete work that has been missed.


Each class has its own homework program, which is consistent with the school’s homework policy. If your child experiences any difficulty or special circumstances, please contact the classroom teacher as soon as possible.

Student Information

Please ensure that the school has all the relevant information about your child.  This may include updated contact details, change of addresses and health information (including allergy details). 

Subject Areas

This term we will be completing an advertising assignment. Students will be learning about the persuasive elements that comprise a digital multimodal advertisement and will use this knowledge to create their own advertisement on a holiday destination.
Year 6 students will be focusing on; fractions and decimals, shape, using units of measurement, number and place value, patterns and algebra and geometric reasoning. There will be a number of assessments including formative, summative and monitoring tasks to check for understanding along the way.

In science, students will engage in a unit that focuses on ‘Energy’. They will be investigating energy from different sources, drawing on knowledge gained from camp and use their newfound knowledge to create, diagnose and fix electrical circuits, which will be reflected in their assessment.

History focuses on Australians as global citizens. Students investigate the rights and responsibilities of Australian citizens today and the experiences of Australian democracy and citizenship for different groups in the past.

In Art, students will be exploring and applying the design process in researching and developing a model shelter that meets the needs of the school environment, clients and/or culture using appropriate visual conventions (digital imaging, model making, and drawing).

Hats and Footwear

Please ensure that your child has a hat and the correct enclosed shoes.  Due to safety reasons students who do not have a hat must sit in an undercovered area during breaks.  Students who do not have enclosed shoes are not permitted to play and also must remain seated in an undercovered area at play time.


As seniors at Isabella, it is an expectation that your child takes toileting and drink breaks during lunch breaks, not during learning time. If a student has a medical reason to go at other times, please provide the teacher with a note.  

Parental Support

Isabella State School highly values the contribution of parents or carers in our school.  Please see us if you would like to schedule a time to help in our class, particularly with listening to reading before school. Should you have any queries in relation to this letter or any other concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us. 
6A teacher - Greg Wagenmakers
6B teacher  - Brittany Scotney  
6C teacher - Tegan Rooke