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​Chinese Speaking Competition

The Year 6 Winning Team 2017



Welcome to LOTE Chinese Language中文 learning 


At Isabella SS, Chinese study is part of the Years 5 and 6 curriculum for those students who meet the National Minimum Standards in Literacy and Numeracy.  A one-hour lesson is conducted each week, Tuesday for each of the Year-5 classes and Thursday for each of the Year-6 classes.

In line with the ‘Chinese Language Foundation Level’ of Australian Curriculum, students learn to read and write Chinese characters while listening and speaking in Chinese Mandarin.  Like other learning subjects at Isabella SS, LOTE Chinese is assessed per Semester.  Class participation including bookwork is added to ‘Effort’ grade.  The result of a written test plus an oral assessment will go toward ‘Achievement’ grade.

All LOTE students are encouraged to attend LOTE Learning Club at 2nd Lunch (Tuesday and Thursday) where there are opportunities for brushing up their Chinese learning as well as additional cultural experience such as Chinese calligraphy.  Students would also have the opportunities to have a taste of Chinese cultural celebrations and heritage throughout the years.

Year 5 (1st year)

1st year Chinese students study the units of ‘Basic Greetings’ and ‘Self-Introduction’, ‘Numbers’, ‘Age’, ‘Colours’ and ‘My Family’, with the learning of Mandarin Pinyin tones and Chinese character strokes across the units.

Year 6 (2nd year)

2nd year Chinese study moves up to the next level of learning – practising in proper sentence structure to refine simple conversations, making use of learnt and new pronouns, verbs and nouns. Practice of learnt ‘Numbers’ in the new units of ‘Date’ adds to more detailed ‘Self-Introduction’ of birthday and family members.

As a native Chinese national immigrated to this lucky country in 2003 and with years of teaching experience overseas then in Australia, I had the privilege to begin my journey as a Chinese Language Teacher in Isabella SS in 2015. China is Australia’s largest trading partner at the centre of the world’s economy. It is my commitment to equip your child with a good foundation of Chinese language skills, giving him/her advantage in a competitive job market ahead.

LOTE Learning Club - Tone Quizzes 


LOTE Learning Club - Calligraphy Practice

Miss TO
LOTE Teacher